Huge aviation deal: Ryanair orders 300 Boeing 737 MAX planes. Transaction value: about 40 billion dollars

The low-cost airline has placed a huge order for its future planes. Ryanair’s CEO: "The updated planes are more efficient, greener, offer 21% more seats, consume 20% less fuel, and are 50% quieter than the current ones".

Ryanair’s Boeing 737 MAX. Photo by: Shutterstock
Ryanair’s Boeing 737 MAX. Photo by: Shutterstock

The aircraft manufacturer Boeing and the airline Ryanair announced that the leading low-cost company in the world chose the Boeing 737 aircraft as the company’s future aircraft.

The Irish low-cost airline places a large order for 300 Boeing 737 aircraft. This includes 150 Boeing MAX 737 aircraft and an option to purchase another 150 aircraft from the world’s most advanced and updated 737-10 model.

Ryanair decided on the giant deal in light of the aviation market recovery and the growing demand for its flights. In doing so, the company will increase its fleet of 737-8-200 models to 197 seats. Modern planes will allow Ryanair to cut 20% of fuel consumption and emissions. The current order also includes the most recent and largest Boeing 737-10 planes. These planes have 228 seats and are considered the most efficient and economical narrow-body planes in the world.

Ryanair’s CEO Michael O’Leary said: “Ryanair is pleased to sign its largest order ever for up to 300 Boeing 737MAX aircraft with its partner The Boeing Company. The upgraded aircraft are more efficient, greener, offer 21% more seats, consume 20% less fuel, and are about 50% quieter than the old Boeing 737-NGS models”.

Photo by: Shutterstock

It was explained by Ryanair’s CEO that half of the new order will replace the old NG-737 models, while the other half will serve the company’s growing demand for seats on its flights, which are expected to exceed 30 million passengers by 2034. As a result of the construction of the upcoming planes, 10,000 additional jobs will be created throughout Europe. This will establish Ryanair’s position as the world’s leading low-cost airline. “Aside from the rapid increase in Ryanair’s market share throughout Europe, the order of large aircraft will allow the airline to offer discounted flight rates. It is due to the fact that the modern aircraft introduced to the fleet will be less expensive and more efficient than previous aircraft,” said Ryanair’s CEO.

David Calhoun, Boeing’s CEO, said that the current order is another step in Ryanair’s and Boeing’s long-standing partnership. In turn, this enables the companies to succeed and offer comfortable flights to hundreds of millions of passengers around the globe. A passenger plane order almost twenty-five years ago started the partnership between the two companies. Introducing a huge order today, they demonstrate the depth of their partnership. “We must provide Ryanair with planes that will enable it to become the world’s largest low-cost carrier, and fulfill its goals,” said Boeing’s CEO.


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