The COVID-19 epidemic has clearly demonstrated the importance of good health. This year’s European Spa Association conference, taking place between September 21 and 23, focuses on the aspects of good health and an essential lifestyle that are key to a healthy life.

It is anticipated that ESPA, the European Spa Association, will discuss new methods and tools after the Corona, innovations in medical and educational services, and international challenges, as well as hold forums to exchange knowledge about advanced treatments and innovations in health tourism.

A series of meetings will be held between Czech and Slovak spa hotel operators, international experts, clinic owners, and health tourism professionals.

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The European Spa Association Congress will feature a variety of events and professional forums.

On September 21, the conference will mark 100 years of successful activity for spa associations in Slovakia and the Czech Republic – history, inspiration, perspectives, and new goals.

A forum will also be held on the role of natural medical sources and modern spa medicine.

Photo by: PassportNews
Photo by: PassportNews
Photo by: PassportNews
Photo by: PassportNews

On September 22, there will be an international day, during which three main issues will be discussed:
1. Spa programs in European health systems – medical results presented by European Spa Association members
2. Spa medicine and ‘Long Covid’ treatments – for health-conscious travelers and a new generation of patients
3. Sustainable tourism and energy savings – ‘green’ innovations in spa resorts

A study trip to Luhačovice in the Czech Republic will be part of the conference’s last day, September 23.


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