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Updated May 2021

  1. Dear user, your use of the PASSPORTNEWS website (URL: passport.news), which is operated by M.T.T the Israeli Company for Information, Tourism and Aviation Ltd. (hereinafter, the “Company“) and the PASSPORTNEWS application (hereinafter, jointly, the “Website”), is contingent upon your consent to the terms set out below (“Terms“), and you are, therefore, requested to read the Terms carefully. By continuing using the Website, you are providing your consent to the Terms as may be from time to time.
  2. These Terms apply to the use of the Website on a computer, cellular telephone device, tablet or any other communications device, whether over the internet or through any other means of communication.
  3. All the content that appears on the Website – including but not limited to verbal content, reports, articles, items, information, data, surveys, pictures, photographs, videos, audio or music files, illustrations, diagrams and any note, mark, symbol, trademark, logo, icon, etc. (“Content“) – are the exclusive property and intellectual property of the Company, and it alone has all the copyrights to said content under the Copyright Law, 2007 and/or any applicable law.
  4. The Content is intended for your private and personal use only, for viewing, reading and receipt of relevant information, including via newsletters. Under no circumstances you may copy, duplicate, publish, distribute, publicly display or make any commercial use of the Content, nor can you post it on any electronical media, websites, applications, social networks and/or in media outlets and/or publications and/or articles and/or the press and/or other magazines – without receiving explicit prior written consent to do so from the Company.
  5. Advertisements, offers, deals and commercial information on behalf of various advertisers are published on the Website (hereinafter, “Marketing Information” or “Advertisements”). The Company does not bear any responsibility for the Marketing Information or Advertisements published on the Website on behalf of said advertisers, and anything stated in them is solely the responsibility of the advertisers. The Company does not check the accuracy and/or correctness and/or truth of the content of the Marketing Information or the Advertisements on the Website, and anything stated in said Marketing Information or Advertisements is the opinion of the advertisers only. The presentation of the Marketing Information and Advertisements on the Website is not a recommendation or support by the Company for the purchase of the services or the products offered by the advertisers, and the Company is not a party to any contractual agreement between you and the advertiser.  
  6. Any transaction that is conducted between you and the advertiser based on the Marketing Information and/or the Advertisements is your responsibility and/or the responsibility of the advertiser alone, and the Company will not bear any liability whatsoever for any result caused due to use of the Marketing Information and/or Advertisements or due to your reliance on them.
  7. On the Website you may find links to different pages or websites on the internet. These links are for your convenience as a User, and the Company bears no responsibility for the content of the linked websites. The existence of a link to a certain website does not mean that the content of the linked website is credible and/or current and/or legal and/or true, and therefore visiting the linked sites and use of the content or information that appears on them is your responsibility. The Company bears no responsibility for any result of the use of or reliance on the linked websites. Furthermore, the Company does not guarantee that links to other pages or websites will be functional and lead to an active website.
  8. The Website, including the Content and services they offer, are provided for use AS IS, subject to the Terms, and without any representation and/or guarantee and/or liability of any type whatsoever, whether explicit or implied. The Company bears no liability for the Content and comments published on the Website, including in relation to their reliability, accuracy, correctness, suitability or limitations. Use of the Website is, therefore, done at your sole and total responsibility. The Company, for its part, will not bear any liability for any result arising from your use of the Website and/or from your use of the Content displayed on the Website, or based on them, and it will not be liable for any damage, loss, loss of profit, discomfort, distress, be it direct or indirect harm.
  9. The Content displayed on the Website, including recommendations, items, articles or reports – do not constitute professional  or any other advice, and the Company is not liable for this content and the results that may be incurred by the you or to any third party, due to reliance on said Content.
  10. Any user who joins the list of PASSPORTNEWS subscribers over the Website to receive updates and news about what is happening in the tourism, aviation and hotel industries in Israel and worldwide, provides their consent to receive direct mail via their e-mail, including receipt of information, newsletters and offers, advertising or marketing material (hereinafter, the “Mailing”). Any user who registers as a subscriber may, at any time, cancel his registration by sending a notice to the Company by e-mail, at [email protected]. Upon receipt of the notice to cancel registration, the Company will cease sending the Mailing, and the user’s e-mail address shall be removed from the subscriber list.
  11. Tourism job ads may be published on the website (hereinafter, the “Job Ads”). The Job Ads are published by third parties offering the jobs only, who are unrelated to the Company, and at the sole discretion of those parties. The Company will not bear any liability for the content of the Job Ads, and it does not check or ensure the accuracy and/or correctness and/or truth of said ads. The display of the ads on the Website is not a recommendation or encouragement or support by the Company for acceptance of any of the jobs offered or of the terms of employment offered, and the Company is not a party to any contractual agreement between the user and the advertiser or the party offering the job. 
  12. Any work or job you receive due to your response to one of the Job Ads is the result of a direct contractual agreement between you and the advertiser of the ad on the Website and the Company does not act as a mediator or responsible party with respect to the job offered, and it bears no liability whatsoever for any result due to a response to or reliance on any of the Job Ads.
  13. The Company will not be liable for a change of dates and/or cancellation of events and/or delays in schedules and/or change of locations regarding various events, in Israel and worldwide, that are published or mentioned on the Website, including but not limited to flights, hotels, concerts, fairs, festivals and other events. Do not rely on the information published regarding the events and/or dates and/or locations, and you are responsible for checking everything published on the Website regarding said events yourself and directly.
  14. On the Website there is the option to post comments to articles and content published by the Company and/or its representative. Do not send responses or comments that are offensive to public sensitivities, constitute libel or slander, harm the privacy or good name of any person or entity, contain an advertisement or commercial information, constitute violation of any law, constitute unlawful discrimination or racism, include false, distorted or misleading information or include offensive, insulting or callous content. The Company may refuse to publish comments that it believes do not align with the above, and it may remove and delete any such comment after publication, at its sole discretion. Under no circumstances shall the Company be liable for such comments or for failure to delete or amend them.
  15. By sending content to the PASSPORTNEWS News Desk you confirm and undertake that the information you provided is correct and accurate, that the intellectual property rights to the material you sent belong solely to you or the party you represent. You are aware that by sending the material or content, you are granting a free license that is unlimited in time or use to the Company to use the material sent, and it constitutes approval to publish it anywhere and anytime on any media, and you are allowing the Company to make any use of the material that it deems fit, including submitting it to third parties. You are aware and agree that you will not be entitled to any consideration for the material or content sent, and that the Company does not guarantee to publish your name as the source of the material (with the exception of publishing credit for a photo or artwork) or to publish the material in part or in whole. Furthermore, you confirm granting your consent to changes and editing of the material, including corrections and/or additions and/or omissions. If you work on behalf of a company or corporation or organization or entity, you declare and confirm that you are authorized to act and undertake as stated in the Terms on behalf of the relevant company or corporation or organization or entity, as the case may be.
  16. The Company does everything in its power to make the Website accessible to people with disabilities, in accordance with the requirements of the law. If you experience an accessibility problem on the Website, inform the Company of this matter, and the Company will act accordingly to try and resolve the problem.
  17. Should you violate the Terms, you will indemnify the Company, its employees, managers, directors, shareholders and/or anyone on its behalf for any damage, loss, payment or expense incurred due to the violation. Additionally, you will indemnify the Company, its employees, managers, directors, shareholders and/or anyone on its behalf for any claim and/or demand and/or lawsuit filed against them by a third party as the result of your violation of the Terms.
  18. The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, from time to time, to change the structure of the Website, its design, appearance, availability and scope.
  19. Any lawsuit regarding the Website regarding the use of the Website shall be settled solely and exclusively by the competent courts in Tel Aviv District alone, and according to Israeli law only, without regard for choice of law or rules of venue or the jurisdiction of any foreign court or other foreign court and the applicability of any foreign law is hereby renounced.
  20. The Terms are binding bylaws and constitute the full agreement between you and the Company related to the use of the Website. The Company reserves the right to change the Terms or any part thereof, at its sole discretion, without having to provide notice of such other than publishing a current version of the Terms. The new terms will enter into effect on the date of their publication.

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